Arizona State Senator Supports Legislation to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender



Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers has introduced proposals about cryptocurrencies, one of which seeks to make Bitcoin (BTC) legal cash in the state.

In a recent tweet, Rogers announced the release of a set of cryptocurrency bills and highlighted statistics from financial company Goldman Sachs indicating that Bitcoin is the best-performing asset globally.

Making BTC legal money in the state is the subject of one of the proposed measures. If adopted into legislation, Bitcoin will have the same standing as the US dollar and be recognized as a legal tender for the payment of state taxes, fees, and other obligations.

The state senator presented a similar bill in 2022 as well. It did not, however, find any success. Rogers is still working to advance BTC in the state, despite this. The American government representative spoke out against central banks and for decentralized Bitcoin in April 2022.

In addition, Rogers took part in the introduction of a law that would exclude cryptocurrencies from taxes. If passed, voters will be able to determine whether or not to exclude from taxation tokens that do not reflect the USD or other foreign currencies in 2024.