Cosmos Founder affirms the significance of Merge Upgrade



The founder of Cosmos, Ethan Buchman confirmed that the future Ethereum Merge is a “Big Deal” as it is the most significant upgrade in Ethereum history.

Buchman admitted that the upgrade will give Ethereum blockchain a chance to reach other proof-of-stake blockchains, a technology that investors are looking forward to.

He also commended the Ethereum engineering team for putting tireless effort into building the Merge project. This project was supposed to be launched in 2016 but the launch was postponed severally.

However, some of the Ethereum competitors’ co-founders are not excited about this step. For instance, Tezos co-founder, Arthur Breitman, and Solana founder, Anatoly Yakovenko have said that Ethereum’s Merge impact on blockchain will be insignificant as most blockchains have already moved to proof-of-stake.