Craig Wright Threatens Legal Action Against Apple Over Hosting of Bitcoin White Paper



Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright has hinted at a possible legal battle against Apple over the company's hosting of the Bitcoin white paper on its App Store.


In a recent tweet, Wright accused Apple of infringing on his copyright by hosting the Bitcoin white paper without his permission. He claimed that he is the rightful owner of the copyright and that Apple's actions are illegal.


Wright's claim is based on his assertion that he is the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, known as Satoshi Nakamoto. While his claim has been widely disputed, Wright has previously attempted to assert his copyright over the Bitcoin white paper, as well as the Bitcoin name and logo.


In response to Wright's tweet, several members of the Bitcoin community have criticized his claims, pointing out that the Bitcoin white paper was released under an open-source license and that Wright has no legal grounds to assert copyright over it.


However, Wright has remained adamant in his position and has suggested that he may take legal action against Apple if it does not remove the Bitcoin white paper from its App Store.


The controversy surrounding Wright's claims has raised questions about the legal status of open-source software and the extent to which individuals can claim ownership over it.


As of the time of writing, the Bitcoin white paper remains available on the Apple App Store, and it is unclear whether Wright will pursue legal action against the company.