Data From 400 Million Twitter Users Is Allegedly for Sale on The Illicit Market



Among those allegedly up for sale are the private contact details of Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, and Vitalik Buterin, co-founders of Ethereum.

According to reports, private emails and connected phone numbers from the accounts of 400 million Twitter users were for sale on the illicit market.

On December 24, the cybercrime intelligence company Hudson Rock raised the alleged "credible threat" of selling a private database holding the contact information of 400 million Twitter user accounts.

DeFiYield, a Web3 security company, examined the 1,000 accounts provided by the hacker as a sample and confirmed that the information is "genuine." Additionally, it communicated with the hacker via Telegram, noting that they eagerly awaited a purchase there.

If confirmed, the breach might pose a serious risk to cryptocurrency Twitter users, especially those who use aliases.


Users should adopt security measures that include updating their passwords and storing them securely, utilizing a private, self-hosted crypto wallet, and ensuring two-factor authentication settings.