Ethereum Staking Validator Launched by T-Mobile Parent Company



The parent company of wireless network provider T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom (DT), has said that T-Systems MMS will provide infrastructure in the form of validator nodes to enable the Ethereum blockchain network. The German IT behemoth disclosed that T-Systems would also provide liquid Ether (ETH) staking services through a collaboration with ETH staking service provider StakeWise in a press statement.

As a member of the StakeWise decentralized autonomous organization, the DT subsidiary will take part in the governance of the dApp under this cooperation (DAO). DT claims that the action aims to solidify the business's position in the blockchain industry while enhancing the openness of the second-largest blockchain network.

The action is also meant to express support for the Ethereum network's switch to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus method. In addition to Polkadot, Flow, and Celo, T-Systems MMS already manages additional "sustainable blockchain networks."