Long Way to Go Before Crypto Becomes Mainstream, Says Mastercard CEO



Before bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in general to become widely used, according to Mastercard CEO Michael Miebach, a number of factors must align.

When the CEO of Yahoo Finance was asked if a day will come when everyone would be making payments in bitcoin, Miebach acknowledged that it was a possibility.

In response to the question of what role Mastercard will play in the future of cryptocurrencies, the CEO stated that the business seeks to meet the needs of people who wish to use cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and Mastercard have a long history together. Regarding the most recent developments, as was previously reported, Mastercard recently unveiled Start Path Crypto, a worldwide engagement initiative designed to assist blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital asset companies in scaling their businesses.


In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area, BitOasis, a cryptocurrency platform, and Mastercard teamed up in late October to provide a number of crypto card programs.


Additionally in October, Mastercard unveiled its Crypto Source in collaboration with Paxos Trust Company, a provider of blockchain infrastructure.