The CEO Of Coinbase to Sell Some of His Stake to Fund Scientific Research



Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has revealed intentions to sell 2% of his holdings in the cryptocurrency exchange over the course of the coming year to support scientific research

Armstrong said late Friday on Twitter that he intends to sponsor businesses like New Limit and ResearchHub by selling 2% of his whole ownership in the firm in order to address some of the world's most pressing problems.

He stated that he does not want to give up on Coinbase and that he intends to continue leading the firm for a very long time.

ResearchHub claims it is focused on increasing the pace of science by rewarding the open sharing and debate of academic research, while NewLimit claims it is striving towards a dramatic extension of human healthspan utilizing epigenetic reprogramming.

Armstrong, according to Boomberg, holds 59.5% of the voting shares and owns 16% of the US-based cryptocurrency exchange.