This Much Would Have Been Gained if You Had Invested $1 in BTC 10 Years Ago



When compared to its current value, a single Bitcoin (BTC) coin cost only $13.30 in 2013. This is in stark contrast to the current value of the flagship digital asset.

Many investors are regretting themselves for not investing in Bitcoin in its "early days," wondering how much $1 invested in Bitcoin back then would be worth now.

According to Finbold data, investors who purchased $1 worth of Bitcoin in January 2013 at a price of $13.30 would have seen their investment rise to be worth $1,417 as of January 13, when the price of one BTC was $18,881.

Finbold reported in August of last year that every 226th person on the earth possessed at least $1 in Bitcoin. According to BitInfoCharts.com statistics, as of August 26, around 35,257,206 addresses had at least $1 worth of Bitcoin.

Based on the global population of 7,970,114,580 at the time, this equaled to around 0.4% of the global population, implying that every 226th person globally possibly possessed at least $1 in Bitcoin.

There are 100,000 fewer holders of $1 worth of Bitcoin as of January 13, increasing the total number of holders to 35,136,414. It is worth noting, however, that in some situations, a single person may own multiple Bitcoin addresses.