ZeroSync and Blockstream Use Satellites to Enable Bitcoin Transactions Without Internet Access



Bitcoin transactions can now be sent and received without the need for an internet connection, thanks to the efforts of two innovative companies, ZeroSync and Blockstream. These companies have developed satellite networks that allow Bitcoin transactions to be transmitted via satellite signals, making it possible to send and receive Bitcoin even in areas with little or no internet connectivity.


ZeroSync has created a system that uses low-earth orbit satellites to transmit Bitcoin transactions to remote areas without internet connectivity. Users can create and sign a Bitcoin transaction using their smartphone or computer, which is then sent to a ZeroSync satellite using a satellite modem. The satellite then relays the transaction to a ground station, which broadcasts it to the Bitcoin network.


Blockstream, on the other hand, has developed a satellite network that broadcasts the entire Bitcoin blockchain to users worldwide. This means that even if a user does not have internet access, they can still receive and verify Bitcoin transactions using a satellite receiver.


These satellite networks provide a valuable service to people living in remote areas without reliable internet access, as well as improving the resilience of the Bitcoin network. The use of satellite technology ensures that transactions can be broadcasted and received in a decentralized and censorship-resistant way.


This development is also a significant step towards increasing the accessibility and adoption of Bitcoin, as it allows users to transact with the cryptocurrency even in areas with poor or no internet connectivity. As the use of Bitcoin continues to grow globally, innovations like these are crucial in ensuring that everyone has access to the benefits of this groundbreaking technology.