Will Bitcoin Actually Enter a Terminal Decline After Ethereum and Bitcoin Merge?



One of the most intriguing aspects of the bear market in 2022 is that Ethereum (ETH) has beaten bitcoin (BTC) across almost all timeframes as the eagerly anticipated Ethereum Merge approaches.

But does a brief uptick signal that ETH will eventually surpass BTC or perhaps cause a long-term decline? This primarily relies on whether Ethereum will experience deflation after the Merge, a claim that many analysts contest.

As of the most recent count, BTC's dominance as a percentage of the overall market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has fallen to 36.6%. As a result, some analysts have already started to forecast that BTC will never again reach its recent all-time high of USD 69,044, achieved back last year.

Only time will reveal which of these evaluations is most accurate. It is sufficient to state that ETH is now outperforming BTC and will probably do so for at least the foreseeable future.